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Images4ever founder Shari Sollender, has been creating montages for over ten years, producing over 200 montages. Shari uses the latest technology. All her montages are unique and cutting edge. Before starting Images4ever, Shari was an elementary school teacher.  She obtained her Master’s degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University and undergraduate degree from The University of Maryland.


Shari loves being a part of families celebrations, and seeing the joy and laughter on her clients’ faces from the montage. Shari is a detailed oriented person and combines her pizzazz with the personality of the client. Taking the stress out of developing the montage is her main goal.  Shari has mastered the ability to understand all the nuances her clients crave, and selects the music to create the perfect emotion. Communication is critical to developing the perfect montage. Shari is available, responsive and timely. Until her clients are completely satisfied, she keeps tweaking the montage to make it perfect. In the end, Images4ever only has happy clients.


Images4ever has the ability to serve families all over the country. A montage for any event is something your family will watch over and over again. Images4ever creates wonderful family memories.

Shari and her family.

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