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What is a photo/video montage?

A photo/video montage is a collaboration of your photographs and video clips to create a one of kind video presentation. The pictures come to life using the Ken Burns effect (panning and zooming), flipping the pictures, turning the pictures, crossing the pictures, transitions, and basically doing anything to make your pictures sparkle. It is a perfect gift for any occasion.

How long will to take to complete the project?

It all depends on the amount of pictures that are used. It also depends on whether or not the pictures need to be scanned in or are they provided to the company in a digital format. If a rush order is needed, this is possible for an extra fee.

How long is the average photo/video montage?

This depends on what we are created the video for. If the montage is for a specific event, ie. Bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, wedding, special occasion, we usually make it 8-12 minutes long which is about 100-150 pictures. If it is a video of a specific trip, it will be longer depending on how many photos you have.

How many copies of the DVD do I get?

We provide you with two copies of the DVD, which are compatible with most at home DVD players. Any extra copies, there will be an additional charge.

How many changes can I make?

We allow three changes to be made before there is an extra charge. These montages are extremely time consuming and we make sure that the video is to your liking and will probably exceed your expectations. We take your ideas and opinions upfront in hopes there are not too many changes to be made.

What are the payment options?

A 50% deposit is required upfront before we begin making the video. Through the internet, you will have the ability to view the video 2-3 times while it is being made. Upon completion of the video, and your approval, the remaining 50% will be required before the DVD’s are shipped.

What Is Photo Organizing?

Photo organizing is taking all those piles of photos that have been sitting in bins, boxes and bags and help you organize them buy scanning and digitizing all the photo. We help you preserve these memories forever.

How long does to the projects take to complete?

Each project is different and it depends on the scope of the project.

If there are different projects within the photo organizing, can we work in sections to complete each project?

Yes. Each project can be completed in the order that make sense.

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